Manufacturing Facilities

Die Department

  • Die designing in CAD/CAM
  • Die measurement with the help of all calibrated instruments.

Wax Department

  • High tech wax injection presses
  • Conditioning tank with calibrated digital temp. Controller
  • Specially designed fixtures for fast production

Coating Department

  • Separate primary coat area
  • Separate drying room for controlling humidity & temperature by air conditioning & de-humidifier

Dewaxing Department

  • Latest auto clave with IBR approval

Melting Department

  • Medium frequency induction furnace of 250 kw/250 kg with IGBT facilities
  • Separate scrap store room for different types of scrap
  • Chemical and physical lab is situated very near to melting area

Heat-treatment Department

  • Heat-treatment shop is equipped with gas fired furnace
  • Furnace capacity is 1000 Kg/lot.
  • Fully computerized control for achieving desired temp in desired manner

Quality Control Department

  • All the required equipment/instruments available in laboratory for chemical, mechanical, dimensional testing/reporting.
  • Facility available for making DP test in-house.

Equipment details

  • Spectrometer - Bruker Germany with Fe, Ni, Co, Al & Cu channel with Nitrogen.
  • More than 20 nos. of CRM sample for regular metals.
  • Computerized UTM for mechanical testing
  • Hi-tech hardness tester to check hardness.